The Process

 The −110 °C experience

You arrive at the counter with the trained personnel. Bathing suite, closed shoes, gloves, inhalation protection and headband are your only clothing. You pass through the first two pre-chambers (−10 °C or 14 °F / −60 °C or −76 °F) or stay there shortly for acclimatisation.

Arriving at the actual application chamber of the CryoCare with −110 °C / −166 °F you wonder. That does not feel as cold! Do not wonder about this as the humidity is approximately 0% - the dip tank after a sauna I perceive much colder. You walk slowly around for up to 3 minutes. and let the pleasant sensation take place. During your stay you breathe shallowly, because the air is about twice as concentrated at such low temperature and expands on inhalation.

Leaving the CryoCare unit you feel a slight comfortable prickling ... now you enjoy the after effect ... best results are obtained by serial applications with one or two CryoCare sessions per day for several days depending on the indication.

The best therapeutic results of the treatment are obtained, after 2 or 3 minutes, in the therapeutic room at −110 °C / −166 °F.

The system provides an absolute dry and almost speed-free cold air, which ensures the patient/visitor or group of visitors (up to 4 persons) a stress free treatment.

Operator Panel

CryoCare −110 °C is controlled via a modern control panel with three individual screens with real time surveillance of all chambers, a touch screen with all relevant technical data, control element and an integrated intercom module to have permanent communication between patients/visitors and the operator. Music can be played by docking your iPhone.

Okay, here's how it works!


Whole body cryotherapy is based on neuroreflexive as well as neurohumoral processes and effects on central control functions that are induced by the strong, short-term cold stimulus that is applied over almost the entire body surface.

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