Reduces stress and anxiety

Cryotherapy holds numerous benefits. For instance:

1. Mood enhancement The rush of endorphins in the blood following Whole Body Cryotherapy cold sauna sessions leads to immediate mood enhancement. Mental health benefits of cryotherapy sessions lead to long term stabilization of mood, making this a valuable treatment for short and long term results.

2. Decreased symptoms of depression: Studies have shown Whole Body Cryotherapy treatments to decrease symptoms of depression and fight mood – related mental health issues and depressive disorders overall.

3. Decreased release of cortisol: Studies on the mental health benefits of cryotherapy have shown its effectiveness in decreasing the release of the stress hormone cortisol, leading to immediate reduction in stress levels.

4. Long-term stress and anxiety reduction: Routine use of Whole Body Cryotherapy has potential long term benefits for overall stress reduction and management. Considerations are underway in the medical community to make cryotherapy a standard part of stress and anxiety treatment practices.

5. Reduced pharmaceutical drug intake: An alarmingly increasing number of people relies on prescription sleep medication. Regular use of Whole Body Cryotherapy treatments may reduce the need for pharmaceutical drugs, alternatively relying on the body’s natural mechanisms to ward off stress and anxiety symptoms. This treatment is the safest and healthiest approach to treating sleep disorders, thereby avoiding the need for addictive and potentially hazardous pharmaceutical drugs.

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