Whole Body Cryotherapy – perfom better & recover faster

Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) was developed in Japan in the early 1980s and provides exposure of the entire body to temperatures as low as -120°C in a cryochamber for up to 3 minutes. Ambient air is cooled down through a high effective multiple-stage system to the required temperature and fed into a specially constructed enclosure, a cryochamber that is capable of maintaining this extremely low temperature. Compared to other WBC chambers cryocare uses a normal power connection instead of nitrogen for the operation of the cooling unit. This allows us to operate the chambers safer in any environment, each building or house.

In sports and professional sports, the positive properties of the body cooling can be used to increase performance and faster recovery. Athletes report of a real kick with adrenaline and endorphin boost on the visit in the cold chamber: - Faster muscle recovery and reduce muscle spasm - Invigorates the mind - Reduces stress and anxiety - Improves sleep pattern - Pain relief - Reduce bleeding and swelling - Decrease metabolic rate

As part of an athlete’s rehabilitation, WBC can be used in the following situations to assist and reduce the injury lay off period: • Treatment of acute sporting traumas • Treatment of chronic overload trauma • Complimentary treatment post-injury conditioned surgical interventions • Biological regeneration and chronic trauma prevention during intensive training and competition preparation

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