Rheumatoid arthritis

Whole body cryotherapy in cryo-chamber for treating rheumatoid arthritis

Whole body cryotherapy now occupies a firm position in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. The success of treatment has now been confirmed by a whole range of clinical studies.

As already mentioned, the disease processes with these autoimmune disorders primarily play out in the joints (inflammation of the synovial membrane of the articular capsule, destruction of cartilage and bone structures). Nevertheless, although new principles of action (TNF-α-blockade) have recently been included in therapeutic programs, a complex procedure is still required for treatment. This also results from the understanding of rheumatoid arthritis as a systemic disorder that damages the entire organism. Medication-based, if necessary surgical treatment, mobilization therapies, physical therapy (warm or cold applications) and also psychological treatment must be combined with and adapted to the patients’ own personal coping strategies. For this purpose an extensive and excellent source of information is available in the form of literature provided by self-help organizations.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronically progressing illness which is not yet possible to cure despite all the advances that have been made in its therapy. As such the goal of treatment is to achieve a decrease in disease intensity in order to halt or delay its progression.
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The information on this page is inspired by the book "Power from the Cold" by Prof. Papenfuß. The author states explicitly in his book that the descriptions in his book (and on this page) are not in any way intended to act as a substitute for the careful clinical indication process and the observation of strict safety measures developed in individual cryotherapy centres, or as a substitute for the indication of whole body cryotherapy in combination with other treatments.

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