Whole body cryotherapy in cryo-chamber for treating psoriasis

With psoriasis, autoaggression by the immune system leads to a chronic inflammation of the skin. Apparently in response to the inflammation stimulus, keratinocytes increase their mitotic rate. The result is a skin renewal within on average five to six days compared to approximately one month for healthy skin. The normal wear process of the skin is disrupted and scale formation results. The diseased, sharply delimited skin areas often itch very severely.

For psoriasis as well defects could be found on a number of genes that could probably be attributed as causes for the disease.

One can distinguish between typical psoriasis (psoriasis vulgaris), the blister forming form (psoriasis pustulosa) and psoriasis arthritis which, as its name suggests, occurs simultaneously with inflammation in the joints. The formation of the individual psoriasis variants can change over the course of life, but more than one type can also occur simultaneously. The early type of the disease (beginning in the second decade of life) seems to be more strongly genetically associated than the late type (5th/6th decades of life). The disease activity can vary quite strongly, although it is generally known to proceed in bouts.

Since psoriasis can not yet be cured, the main attention is focused on symptomatic treatment. Apart from local treatment, frequently with ointments, medicines with a systemic effect, interventions in the immune system, photo and laser therapy and certain health spa treatments are also applied.

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The information on this page is inspired by the book "Power from the Cold" by Prof. Papenfuß. The author states explicitly in his book that the descriptions in his book (and on this page) are not in any way intended to act as a substitute for the careful clinical indication process and the observation of strict safety measures developed in individual cryotherapy centres, or as a substitute for the indication of whole body cryotherapy in combination with other treatments.

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