Multiple sclerosis

Whole body cryotherapy in cryo-chamber for treating multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis, a disease of the central nervous system that is also probably based on autoimmune processes, is characterised by a large number of symptoms that frequently change in incidence and intensity. They can occur in bouts, also with regression of symptoms, or they may continuously grow in intensity unabated. Multiple sclerosis is also untreatable at its root cause, and can only be treated symptomatically. Much data has reported time and time again that cold is perceived as providing a feeling of well-being. General well-being can be improved. Starting from this and considering the positive effect of extreme cold on the spastic musculature, a number of cryotherapy centers already began several years ago with treating multiple sclerosis using whole body cold applications. A number of clinical observations have now been published that underline the positive effect of cold. The results can be described as follows:

–   The status after whole body cold action is described as pleasant.

–   The entire spectrum of complaints is relieved.

–   One feels stronger, fatigues less quickly and is mentally more active.

–   Spasms are reduced, gymnastic exercises can be carried out more precisely.

–   The motor system, perambulation and mobility are improved. Disturbances in equilibrium are reduced.

–   Pains are eased or even eliminated. This mainly concerns secondary pain that primarily arises from postural troubles of the spine, muscular straining and inordinate stressing of the joints.

–   The afflicted individuals refer to the state achieved after a cold therapy as a clear increase in quality of life.

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The information on this page is inspired by the book "Power from the Cold" by Prof. Papenfuß. The author states explicitly in his book that the descriptions in his book (and on this page) are not in any way intended to act as a substitute for the careful clinical indication process and the observation of strict safety measures developed in individual cryotherapy centres, or as a substitute for the indication of whole body cryotherapy in combination with other treatments.

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