Bronchial asthma

Whole body cryotherapy in cryo-chamber for treating bronchial asthma

Asthmatics often describe their stay in the cold chamber as highly recuperating. They are sometimes even inclined to take whole body cryotherapy as a genuine substitute for their previous asthma therapy. This, however, should be warned against. As was already stressed for whole body cryotherapy with other diseases, the following also applies very much to bronchial asthma. It is not a substitute, but an additive therapy, that under especially favorable conditions may allow a reduction in medication intake. However, at least two conditions must be fulfilled for this purpose:

1.   The previous therapy must have led to a stable state.

2.   The patient is capable of bearing both physical and psychological burdens.

Both these conditions should be judged professionally by a doctor.

Cold therapy should be phased in, with the duration of the stay in the cold chamber being increased from one to three minutes only after two to three days. During the first application the doctor should always be present because different individuals can show very different types of cold reaction.

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Disclaimer: The information on this page is inspired by the book "Power from the Cold" by Prof. Papenfuß. The author states explicitly in his book that the descriptions in his book (and on this page) are not in any way intended to act as a substitute for the careful clinical indication process and the observation of strict safety measures developed in individual cryotherapy centres, or as a substitute for the indication of whole body cryotherapy in combination with other treatments.

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